Great Indian poker players

As you may well know, Texas holdem poker in India has become very popular, with more and more people playing everyday, so we have decided to talk to you about some of the top Indian poker players in the game. It is not possible to assemble a thorough list, particularly with a lot of Indian poker nevertheless in its nascent stages. Secondly, without understanding cash game outcomes, it is tough to find a total image of a player’s overall skill. And lastly, do not deal with this as a standing — that the players are not in any specific order — but only a recognition of these players have achieved in the sport of poker.

With this aside and apologies to all those deserving players left out, here is a peek at some of India’s greatest.

India’s most visible championship grinder on the contemporary landscape, Nipun Java busied himself for decades as a part-time participant setting up adequate but unspectacular results until 2014, when he broke in a major way with a $450,000 yearold.

That spring, he banked almost $350,000 at cashes involving two championships, a $1,600 side event in the L.A. Poker Classic (next for $114,955) along with also the WSOP Circuit Bicycle $1,675 Main Event, he won for $226,785.

Java continued to post some strong results because he awakened to four-figure buy-ins during the next few years, also 2017 are the year he would make his presence felt with a double-bracelet summer. He and Aditya Sushant awakened for India and won the $1,000 Tag Team for $75,318 apiece.

That was in the start of the summer, also Java bookended it using another triumph in the 1,000 Online Championship for $237,688.

Speaking of online outcomes,”Javatinii” is no slouch there since he’s roughly $450,000 at cashes monitored by PocketFives.

Shortly after the internet necklace, ” he topped a 3,173-player area for a second $230,848 at Florida.

These days, Java seems to be stepping up much more as he took a foray to the high roller coaster at the $25,000 event at Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open before this past week. Java revealed he was not from his depth with a 12th-place finish worth almost $70,000.

Since the proprietor of half of India’s four bracelets as well as possibly the very best active Indian participant on the worldwide circuit nowadays, Java surely belongs to this list.

The guy who set India poker on the map sported the kind of young appearance that had lots of his competitors likely wondering whether he was old enough to be carrying their chips legitimately.

Vivek Rajkumar’s boyish features belied a killer in the tables, a participant so mad that despite nary one money since 2015, he is still so far forward on India’s all-time cash record that Java would need to almost double his cashes to grab him. Rajkumar gathered around $4.4 million winnings and then proceeded on to entrepreneur existence, but that which he failed in poker nonetheless warrants inclusion within this list.

First coming online under the moniker”Psyduck101,” Rajkumar banked around $500,000 in monitored online cashes.

Live, he grabbed a World Poker Tour crown and $1.4 million in Borgata in 2008. He almost snagged another in 2011 in the L.A. Poker Classic but has been bested heads up by Gregory Brooks and had to pay for $908,730. Rajkumar also includes four additional cashes worth six characters.

And while $5 million or so in complete cashes can help someone build quite a lifetime, which may not be the entire picture in regards to Rajkumar’s poker bonuses. Legend has it also put together quite a stable of horses and raked in a lot more out of that.

The obstacles to investment lifestyle are few for a man with Rajkumar’s achievement.

Among those players synonymous with poker in India, Aditya”intervention” Agarwal has been among the faces of this sector there because of his long-running sponsorship with PokerStars.

Agarwal made his title on the internet, where PocketFives has him cashing for $763,391. But, his profile PokerStars’ Team Pro page notes over $4 million in online earnings.

The least famous player on this list, Amit Jain has not racked up the millions in live tourney scores like his fellow top Indian grinders listed above. There, Jain has just $208,600 in total earnings, the best of those $38,840 in a high roller in his home country.

Where Jain has shined is in the online realm, where he has crushed as “bblacklegend” to the tune of over $1.4 million according to PocketFives. On the PocketFives worldwide leaderboard, in fact, Jain has climbed as high as 132nd in the world when he was most active back in 2014.

Such are Jain’s online exploits that he has a single online cash that matches his live winnings, for $206,028 when he got third in a $2,100 World Championship of Online Poker event in 2015.

However, Jain has been much less active in recent years, as it appears he has turned his attention to growing the game on home soil. According to his Twitter bio, he’s sponsored by local site adda52 and serves as team captain of his hometown Mumbai Anchors in the aforementioned Poker Sports League in which Linde participated.

The player rounding out this list is also the player who rounds out the top four of Indian all-time tournament money earners.

Raghav Bansal sits just a tad below the seven-figure mark in live poker cashes as he has racked up $970,825, an especially impressive amount since it dates only to 2015. Bansal hit the WSOP that year, made a final table in a $2,500 event for nearly $40,000 and then cashed in the Main Event, and his career as a live grinder was off and running.

Bansal banked seven more cashes at the next WSOP, but spring of 2017 is when he really took off with a couple of trips to Macau. He got second in an event at Macau Poker Cup 26 in February for $137,587 and followed that up with second in PokerStars Championship Macau High Roller for $335,910.

That remains his biggest score, but the New Delhi native has cooked up another solid year in 2018 with over $230,000 in cashes to date.

Bansal has also had his share of success online with $417,156 in cashes, primarily as “Rossoneri23” on PokerStars. He is apparently staying pretty active on the virtual felt between trips to Macau and the U.S., as he is still sitting fourth on India’s PocketFives leaderboard.