Best hacks to deal with jet lag

Many people wonder about the reality of jet lag. It is a Twilight Zone of mental and bodily confusion and no one can seem to give you an adequate jet lag cure. When suffering from jet lag, your words get confused, you constantly feel wired and on edge, and you cannot see, let alone think through the fog. If you are a frequent traveller, you will understand the symptoms are very real. In fact, scientists have estimated that it usually takes one full day or more to recover for every hour of time difference. For example, if you are traveling from New York to London, the consensus is that it will be around a week until you feel yourself again.

We’ve spoken to multiple health professionals and have come up with a few hacks that can help you deal with the jet lag the next time you travel on the long flights. Carefully timing your food intake is the first thing you can do to deal with the jetlag. Eat Stop Eat is a great starting point if you want to stay away from the side effects of jet lag. In addition to dealing with jet lag, there are many other benefits you get with this habit. One of the main benefits of this is you are able to avoid crappy airline meals and the junk food you find in airports.

Two additional tips to accommodate for jet lag is to exercise, and use supplements. Using natural supplements can help you deal with jet lag effectively and naturally without any side effect. So, if you are still struggling with jet lag after the first two hacks you might want to consider using natural supplements which have been extensively studied for their ability to decrease the jet lag symptoms. Taking a quiz on health and jet lag symptoms can help you learn more information regarding the difficulties of jet lag and you can visit Health to study how to deal with them.