Top ways of saving money in Bangkok:

Stay in hostels:

The hostels in Chiang Mai are extremely cheap, and you can easily find dozens of them across the city. A lot of the hostels in Chiang Mai are built very recently, so you can expect clean, fun, and well-designed hostels in the city.

Use Chouchsurf:

In case you were wondering, yes. Just like in Bangkok, the Couchsurfing community is pretty dense in Chiang Mai, and you can easily find a local who will be willing to lend you a bed or a room for free.

Book for tours in a group:

You will have to pay a lot less if you were booking for a tour for six people instead of just yourself. Even if you aren’t visiting with your friends, ask around at the hostel you are staying at, a lot of people will be willing to take the tour.

Use ridesharing to save travelling money:

Although Uber is originally way cheaper than the taxis in Chiang Mai, you can save more money even on Uber if you used the pool option. The pool option allows you to share your ride with another passenger, and split the expense.